Hello! I got out of the hospital a couple days

Patient: Hello! I got out of the hospital a couple days ago after finding out I have a 3cm ovarian cyst. I’m on birth control for it right now and the symptoms have gone down dramatically. However, they did tell me that I do have loose fluid in my pelvis because of it, and I’d like to know how quickly the body can absorb these loose fluids so that my recovery can be a bit more comfortable. I am 20 years old if that helps anything, 5 foot 0″, and weigh 95lbs. Thank you for your help!

Symptoms: Cramping, discomfort in the lower abdomen, slight dizziness and nausea if i move my head too fast.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,The presence of 3cm ovarian cyst has been rightly treated with oral contracep tive pills for at least 3 months to help reduce the size. The presence of fluid in pouch of douglas is often secondary to the cyst rupture and can usually get absorbed completely in 2 weeks time. So in absence of any infection, it shouldn’t be a cause of worry.Regards