Hello I have a bit of an embarrassing question Sometimes

Patient: Hello. I have a bit of an embarrassing question. Sometimes when I am having sex with my fiancee, I can have weak erection. Sometimes it starts as hard, but I may lose concentration and it slips into a weaker one. The weak erection here and there is not a concern. I am fine with my performance. When the erections slips into weak one, I can still continue sexual intercourse and ejaculate. That’s not ideal, but if that happens I don’t like to stop the intercourse and prefer finishing it with whatever I’ve got, resulting in ejaculation. My question is this: can this practice of ejaculation while soft (happening occasionally) be harmful and lead to health issues?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query.Read your history carefully and understood your concerns.My question is this: can t his practice of ejaculation while soft (happening occasionally) be harmful and lead to health issues?> No, not at all.Such a practice of having sex, continuing in spite of weak erection and ejaculation can not have any health issue, can not be harmful.I hope your fiancee is not objecting with this and does not have issue with weak erection.Secondly, the commonest cause is the anxiety. Get fully involved into the act and there will be no issues about weak erection at all.I hope this answers your query, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.Regards,

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Patient: Thank you. That fully answers my question. I guess by the content of my question you figured out an inclination towards anxiety, which is the case, but I am successfully managing it. Your answer certainly helps. Thanks again.

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation.
Nice to know that you are managing the anxiety well.
Wishing you all the best.
Please feel free to ask for any further queries in future and give reference ID 498796