Hello, I have a bump on my inner thigh that

Patient: Hello, I have a bump on my inner thigh that is pretty large in size and its the same color as my skin except on the top part of the bump which is a pinkish red color. It also has this dead skin looking stuff around the bump. I also had one on my penis that was much smaller but the same exact bump but the one on my penis shrunk and is almost fully gone. My question is what is this and how can I treat it?

Symptoms: No real symptoms just irritation in the area

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query , a clear picture and history.The picture shoes this to be a boil or an infected sebaceou s cyst.As per you history the similar one on the penis got shrunk and almost gone.This too may also have the same fate or may need, popping or incision or excision.You can wait and watch as this is not causing any problems to you at the moment.Hope this helps you.