Hello I have a question about testosterone I’m currently taking a testosterone booster.

Patient: Hello I have a question about testosterone. I’m currently taking a testosterone booster for working out and to gain more energy but I heard excess testosterone can turn into estrogen. Is that true? And if so should I take an anti estrogen supplement? Thanks

Doctor: HiThank you for the question.There are mainly two hormones which are secreted by the pituitary:-FSH (follicle s timulating hormone)-LH ( Leutinizing hormone)FSH acts on Sertoli cells (responsible for spermatogenesis) and induces them for sperm formation. LH acts on Interstitial cells of Leydig’s which secrete Testosterone. This testosterone inhibits secretion of FSH And LH from the pituitary. Some part of Testosterone is converted to Estrogen which is essential for the concentration of Sperms in Rete Testis. As testosterone will be high it will suppress the LH secretion which will finally decrease the Testosterone concentration (inhibition).It is better to talk to your Doctor about anti estrogen supplements. It is very dangerous to self-medicate with these drugs.I hope this will help you. Take care.