Hello! I have been researching everything about varicocele

Patient: Hello!I have been researching everything about varicocelectomy and weight lifting and everything seems to be a few years old. Here is my story:I developed terrible, terrible pain in my testies after moving to Vegas. This I stem from it being so hard to make friends, Spending a lot of time lifting at the gym, smoking a lot of weed, and jerking off a little too heavily. You could say I became very depressed during my transition to this city.I went to the doctor and he, although credited, the first time told me it was a varicolece but it wouldn’t need surgery. I continued my habits.I went back again after the pain got much worse and this time, I did need surgery! I had a left varicocele.He put me on antibiotics because I had developed an infection in my testicals prior to getting surgery, and it continued just for a while, post varicocelectomy. Thankfully my testies are no longer looking like potatoes and that infection SEEMS to be gone, I think.But here is the thing. My doctor cleared me to workout a month after my surgery (a month is today). I no longer smoke weed, I have jerked off a few times and my right testical seems to rise while my left does not. The doctor said this should be normal for a few months with random swelling. (I have vowed to not excessively masterbate now). But my testical seems to sit at the bottom of my sac. The heat of my testies increases occasionally. But no where NEAR what it was before surgery. My balls still swell, but also no where near as bad, and they are still slightly painful at times. I noticed that sometimes I will get this squishy kind of bubble mass where my varicocele was. Is that normal swelling? AND I get these rather hard lump like balls at the bottom of my testies (I’ve noticed this around the time before I jerk off/get excited).I guess my question is…should I really be clear to workout again? I want to lift. I am not a big guy and I don’t bench 200 lbs (more like beginner lol). But I do love lifting. My incision above my crotch still had the stitch-like wire feeling in it. I got dissolvable stitches. Is what I described, normal? I have iced my balls after I feel that I’ve had a long day sitting down at work, wearing tighter jeans, gone for a few runs and iced them just to be safe afterwards. I am also wearing a jockstrap every day. What can I do to speed up this occasional pain and make it go away? I have seen posts saying that the person did not lift for 4-6 months :(! Please help!Thank you very much