Hello I have discomfort swallowing on my right side of

Patient: Hello I have discomfort swallowing on my right side of my throat. I am male 32 i don’t drink or smoke. I have acid reflux and I suspect the large amount of acid that has gone into my throat has damaged it. The pain is on around a 3 or higher when I sneeze. It can hurt to talk and I have had this for about a 9 days off and on. I have been to the ER where they found no lumps or swollen glands. They proscribed me acid reflux medicine. And said it was acid pooling on one side of my throat. That was 4 days ago and it’s still bothering me. It can come and go and no real pain if I turn my head either way. I have no other symptoms and it helps to press on it when I swallow. They checked my my glands and back of throat and they found nothing. Again it’s on the upper right side of my throat right above the Adam’s apple. It feels like a lump sometimes but none was discovered. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Symptoms: Discomfort when I swallow salvia food or drink of any sort. Comes and goes but can last longer than 24 hours. Happened three months ago but it was less severe and went away in 7 days. No lumps of swollen glands were found. No issues with back of throat were discovered when i when to the ER 4 days ago.