Hello, I have had difficulty swallowing from time to time to last ting.

Patient: Hello, I have had difficulty swallowing from time to time the last few days with hard food only. I can wash food down with water with no problem. and swallow fine just in passing. I feel fine with no issues such as soreness etc. Now I am constantly thinking about it each time I eat which seems to be making it worse. The only thing ive added to my diet/medication/supplementation the last two weeks is Bronkaid for asthma issues. I have been taking 2 a day for now 13 days. Any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Symptoms: Trouble swallowing. Slightly dry feeling in throat.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted your history of taking Bronkaid for last 13 days, and diffic ulty swallowing from time to time since last few days with hard food only. You can wash down food with water…Since Bronkaid contains Ephedrin, it causes dry mouth and throat. This looks to be an apparent cause.I would advise you to stop Bronkaid and hopefully your problem will be stopped.I hope this answers your query, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

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Patient: Thank you for the prompt response. I will stop using the Brokaid immediately. I was just unsure if the adverse side effects of the drug would take 7-10 days to come up. But, I is the only intervening issues that has changed. In the meantime, as the drug works it way out of my system, is there anything that I can take to ease this dryness/swallowing issue? Vitamin C, etc?
Thanks again

Doctor: In some cases the dryness caused by any medicine can be inconstant.
The dryness effect will wash off within a few days and till then you can use water to have wetness. Better not to try something as it may not be necessary or effective. Give the body the time to recover on its own. Till then have liquid diet.
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