Hello, I have some issues First, I have partially lost

Patient: Hello, I have some issues. First, I have partially lost the feeling that one gets when they have to urinate. I get sort of a little feeling that I have to go, but not like before. Second, when I urinate sometimes my penis is tilted quite a bit to the right. Finally, sometimes when I have a wet dream I get sick for a week or so. This ONLY happens if during ejaculation my penis is bent quite a bit to the right. If I masterbate, my penis is not so bent and I do not get sick. Thank you.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have injured the nerve to the penis which causes erection and ejaculati on. It is a injury present in some people. You should see a Doctor to get the penile nerves checked to figure out if the sexual function is working.If the function is working, then there is nothing to worry about. Hope this helps you. All the best.