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Hello, I have to ask a question and I am

Patient: Hello,I have to ask a question and I am not sure if I am being paranoid or if this is something serious. I started having sex with a new partner and have been wearing condoms every time. The condom did break once but we got another condom. Since having regular sex i have developed vague lower abdominal pain kind of like on my period cramps but less noticeable as well as urinary urgency and one low grade fever that has went away. I went to the urgent care and they said it sounded like a uti and prescribed my macrobid even though the urine dipstick was negative. The fever has since went away but i still have major urinary urgency and vague lower abdominal pain. I am worried I have developed PID because i was treated for chlamydia several years ago. Would it take this long to cause symptoms and since I was already treated? Also, before the new partner I teased negative for all STDs. i also have no discharge. Thanks



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care.I can understand your concerns.I have gone through your his tory and in my opinion that the symptoms are most probably suggested of an urinary tract infection (UTI) though the test results are negative.I am not thinking about STD because your paetner is negative for STD, using condom regularly and there is no discharge.To rule out the cause you should consult a Gynaecologist and get yourself examined and get your urine culture and sensitivity test done to see the causative organism and ultrasound abdomen to rule out the infection of kidney and bladder.You should take antibiotics accordingly, drink plenty of water orally and pain killer for pain( urospas pain killer) to treat the infection.If symptoms persist you can get vaginal swab culture and sensitivity and STD testing.Hopefully found useful, feel free to ask more questions.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: Is it possible for my previous infection that was treated to cause these symptoms years later? Sound anything like pid? Also is it common for hits to show up negative in the urine?

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry for the delay.
Yes, your previous infection can cause these symptoms.
It can be most probably due to UTI, though the chances of PID are not rule out 100%.
Yes, it is possible that it may not be showing in urine culture and sensitivity.
Hopefully found useful.
Good luck.


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