August 16, 2018

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Hello , I hurt my knee one week ago via

Patient: Hello , I hurt my knee one week ago via inverted heel hook ( a twisting submission where my heel is turned inside, twisting my knee to the outside ). I went to the ER and the doctor examined me , he said i got an mcl injury , and my acl and pcl , lcl are fine. valgus test positive ect. And that he could not determine if my menickus is hurt because the pain is on the same side as the MCL. He gave me a splint and told me to come in 6 days l ( i took it of the 5th day ). This was yesterday i came ,they made an ultrasound told me that i have a mcl tear ;i asked them if it is a complete tear they said they couldn’t tell. So i got another splint, till my hinged brace arrives (locked 0 – 30 degrees) my check is in 2 weeks, i when should i start my ROM exercises he told me i will wear this brace for 6 weeks till it heals complete and than i will start physical therapy. MY QUESTION : ISn’t that waaay to late to start range of motion exercise ???!!!!! Won’t that make my knee very stiff???? How common are meniscus / MCL injuries combined. I live in Croatia where MTI waiting list is very long you wait like 6 months for it , private ones are very expensive. The doctor who examined me was an orthopedic surgeon , I didn’t feel any pain at all when it happened , my knee was unstable at the side, i could walk (limp). I can put full weight on the leg it doesn’t hurt, i can walk without crutches i limp becuse i don’t have full rom and i wear a splint right now , my knee feels more stable than when the injury happened. Thx for the answer ,sry for my long quiestion and bad english.



Symptoms: Medial knee pain on touch , hurts when pivoting or turning , knee flexion 0- 65 degrees, full extension with minor pain





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