Hello i just got my urinary diagnosis GLU negative BIL negative KET negative SG

Patient: Hello i just got my urinary diagnosis..GLU negativeBIL negativeKET negativeSG >=1.030*BLD trace-lysedPh 6.0*PRO traceUBG 3.2NIT negative*LEU 1+COL LT. YellowAnd the microbiology test resultsWet preparation:- wet mount [uncent] Pus Cells = 6-8 /HPFOrganism:1.streptococcus agalactiae (group bstrep.) (heavy mixed growth predominantly)Ampicillin SAmpicillin/sulb SCefuroxime – axetil SCefuroxime – sodium SLevofloxacin SLinezolidMoxifloxacinNitrofurantion SPenicillin-G STeicoplaninTetracycline RTigecyclineTrimethoprim/sulfa SVancomycinThese are my results… I have been having pain for a very long time. Sometimes i can’t even walk. I dont know why… I really need some help … When i go to doctors they say i have a UTI and they give me antibiotics the pain goes for few months and comes back even stronger.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Generally, it is more common to get an infection in females with urinary tract abnormali ties. Since you have not mentioned your sex or age group, I cannot confirm this in you.I recommend that you talk to a Urosurgeon and then confirm with a USG if the entire urinary tract is normal or not.If it is not normal, the Doctor will advise you to undergo surgery to correct the abnormality. Hope this helps you.