October 18, 2018

Hello, I m 29 yr oldmy LMP is 3rd Feb 2015

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Patient: Hello,I m 29 yr old.my LMP is 3rd Feb 2015 and today is 16 mar 2015.i didn’t have my periods yet..i was sexually active before 1 mth but with precautions.but nw I have developed weakness,feeling sleepy,feeling hungry.also have nausea,increased frequency of urination with burning micturation.I thought I was pregnant so I did pregnancy test 2-3 times which came out negative,then I even did blood beta hCG which is 1.i did usg abdomen which shows no pregnancy but midline endometrium measures 18mm.can any1 tel me if I m pregnant?if no,than y r these symptoms showing up and isther any problem with my endometriam?plz help ,i m too much worried.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a chance of thickened endometrium suggestive of early pregnancy or even hyperp lasia of the endometrium which needs to be sorted out. There could be a delayed ovulation leading to pregnancy, which is yet to be seen on a scan. But, the beta hCG values are insignificant to call it a pregnancy and even think in those lines. Consult a gynecologist for a pap smear and endometrial study to find out the cause for missing the cycles and the treatment of the same. Meanwhile, repeat a scan after one week to recheck the endometrial thickness in case you do not get the cycles till then.Hope this helped.Regards

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