Hello,I need some help! :) The thing is that my

Patient: Hello,I need some help! 🙂 The thing is that my head hurts all the time.Not even a single second that it doesn’t hurt.I get relief if I hit it with my hand like not hard but slightly banging it and stuff.Some time before it used to hurt at certain times but the problem is worse.2 months before I also used to get panic attacks for seconds only.I used to forget who I am.That problem is over it doesnt happen any more but just letting know.I have started losing my temper too.I don’t kknow what I am saying.I get angry very often and I have control over myself no more.I just want to know that what are these symptoms of? and what can this be a sign of?




Doctor: Hello ,Thanks for the query,It is understood from the history that you are probably suffering from migraine attacks which last in form of throbbing headaches for days together. With history of panic attacks and mood swings , the likelihood of hormonal imbalances during the menstrual cycle where a progesterone deficient state can cause such persistent headaches accompanied with frequent spotting and irregularity in menses. Hence a hormonal profile is advised for the same. Also a CT SCAN brain should be done to rule out any organic cause of space occupying lesion as a possible cause of pain .Migraines can affect women of your age group who happen to be undergoing a lot of stress during their life, be it social , psychological, emotional or physical, even professional, which can cause such persistent headaches. It is necessary that you should be evaluated by a gynecologist and a neurophysician together to arrive at a probable diagnosis and then can be treated accordingly. In the meantime , improve your water intake to 15 glasses per day as it would help improve circulation and better oxygen delivery o brain causing lesser chances of headaches and reduce their frequency. Also frequent small naps during daytime and a good night sleep of about 6-8 hrs would really help.I hope i have answered your concerns ,wishing you good health,regards

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