Hello- I recently had my left wrist kicked while martial

Patient: Hello- I recently had my left wrist kicked while martial arts training. It hurts dearly at the base of my radius, and I believe it is a bit swollen. There has to be some kind of cartilage or something, because when I touch the skin it feels like little bits of something are underneath the skin. I can move it to some extent, and the area between my metacarpals and mid-forearm hurts when squeezed. Is this a break or sprain? Or anything? Thanks so much.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a muscle strain or a soft tissue injury. You can use RICE therapy to help you with reducing the swelling or the soft tissue injury.Here are more details about RICE therapy:Rest the wrist and avoid doing martial arts or lifting weights with the wristIce the wrist for 15 mins every hour 4 times a dayCompress the wrist by using a wrist sleeve or a crepe bandageElevate the wrist by using 2 pillows under your wrist to reduce the swelling in wrist by allowing the blood to flow back to the heartYou can also take Paracetamol to help reduce the swellingHope this helps you. All the best.