Hello I recently have had small bumps come up

Patient: Hello. I recently have had small bumps come up on my back. They don’t itch or anything like that no puss or soreness. They go across the whole top part of my back. they came out of nowhere and they won’t seem to go away. I’m guessing it was some type of allergic reaction but I’m worried because if it’s contagious in someway and my husband somehow get it.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.As per details, there are following possibilities for your symptoms:1 ) Acne2) Acneiform eruption due to oral or topical steroid3) P. folliculitis: due to fungus Malassezia furfurThese all are non-contagious conditions.Treatment for all is different.Visit your doctor so that he can examine you and give you a prescription accordingly.You can share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.Take care