Hello I’ started noticing tender red lumps on both my

Patient: HelloI’ started noticing tender red lumps on both my shins February 26 which was a thursday earlier that week on Monday I went to the doctor and got perscribed bactrim and then thursdsy I noticed the tender red lumpsI am not sure if I had an alergic reaction to the antibiotic bactrim or it is actually erythemanodosum or both the prior week before I took the bactrim I noticed my leg ached when I put jeans on I didn’t pay much attention to it and like I said went monday to the doc and got perscribed bactrim and had spots thursdayI have gone to the doctor and they tested me for almost all the underlying causes for erythema nodosum and they all came back negativeMy bumps on my legs are now 99% flat but they still look red or purpleim goingg to a rheumatoid arthritis specialist next FridayI’m just wondering how long will the red or purple spots lastI’ve resd that when they are flat they start looking brown and green which means there just a bruise but like I said they are still looking red but flat ):

Hello  I' started noticing ...-1