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Hello, I stpped breastfeeding when my son was 16 mos

Patient: Hello, I stpped breastfeeding when my son was 16 mos he is now 18mos. My period kind of came back when he was 9mos it was very heavy and lasted 10 days. Then I just spotted every month (I was still breastfeeding then). May was 1st period right after I weaned. It was heavy and longer and I had blood tinged mucus at the end. Next month a little lighter still mucus at end. July same now this month it’s better and more like normal but still not totally normal. I started at 28 days just like before normal for 3 days then a skip day(normal for me) but now I’m on day 7 and still light spotting. Is this a normal pattern after breastfeeding for so long?



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for the query.After stopping of breast feeding, the cycles return to normal gradually. In some it can settle down in 3 month while in others it can take even an year to regularize.It depends on how the hormones in your body function.There is nothing that you need to worry for now.However, observe your cycle pattern for 3 more months. If you feelthat the bleeding continuous as spotting, you may need to do an ultrasoun to rule out any ovarian or uterine pathology.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further clarification.Regards



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Patient: So does it sound like something is wrong with me? I don’t remember what is normal and how they were before. I seem to remember them lasting about 5 6 days and being on the heavy side. The longest I had breastfeed before was 6mos. This was my 4th c section I don’t know if that has anything to do with it?

Doctor: No there is no abnormality as such. You just need to observe the next fee cycles. In case you have spotting in between cycles, you may need an ultrasound, to be sure that there is nothing abnormal. A course of oral contraception pills for 3 months can help regularizing cycles.

Patient: Thanks for your help.

Doctor: Hello,
You are welcome.


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