Hello I used a needle and I woke up next

Patient: Hello I used a needle and I woke up next day an arm was red and little swollen an hot to touch what do I do? Do I apply heat or cold? If I do have Togo to hospital what do I say I can’t tell them what I did was my first time an k have kids I’m scared was at party an was stupid

Doctor: Hi.I can understand how difficult it would be to tell someone that you used needle.Since there is swelling, redne ss, hot to touch, you need an active treatment for an infection in the form of n antibiotic, anti-inflammatory medicine and supportive treatment. You will have to tell the truth to the Doctor to get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.Applying warm or cold compresses now may not be much useful. Warm compresses help by increasing the local circulation.I hope this answers your query and helps you.