Hello i want to know what can i use to

Patient: Hello i want to know what can i use to relieve my sinus congestion problem, the only thing that work for me is Oxymetazoline HC 0.05% but only can use it once in a while when i have to do a major concert ( i’m a classical singer) because if i used it to often does’t work. Is there anything that i can use in a daily basis that give me the same result?

Symptoms: Swolen nose, congested nose, can’t breathe correctly. throat feels tight.

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your concerns.You have said symptoms to be swollen congested nose, can’t breath correctly a nd throat feels tight.And to top up the problem you are a classical singer.Oxymetazoline HC 0.05% works for you but you do not want to use it daily / frequently, it does not work. Using Desloratadine.Since this is related to your profession my approach would be a bit different and detailed so that we can go to the root cause and treat the root cause so that you may be better with least possible medicines.-First of all to go for CT scan of the Nose and the Para-nasal sinuses and ENT Endoscopy.This will give the detailed structural and functional diagnosis.- Detailed history:-Sneezing – how much is the sneezing problem-Rhinorrhoea -Watering of the nose-Blockage – whether blockage of the nose is present, if yes is it one sided or both at the same time.If you please tell me the percentage of the 3 problems suffered by you, I may be in a position to tell you, pin-point the problems and suggest the treatment accordingly.Please write or post the reports of the CT scan or any other investigations of blood, so that it will help me to assist you more.Do you have any other problems?Was someone in the family suffered from the similar problems?Waiting for your feedback so that we can discuss further..