Hello I was on birth control for the past year

Patient: Hello. I was on birth control for the past year and went off it around November. In January 18 I had sort of sex (a few penetrations and he ejaculated outside) those were not supposed to be the days that I’m ovulating. A week after, on January 26 I got my period but it was lighter than usual. The thing is also I’m not sure how my period exactly is since I was on north control for a while. I took a few home pregnancy tests that came out neg but I didn’t use the first urine of the morning. I’m gonna test tomorrow again and it will be 30 days after intercourse and a week before my next period is expected. Will my results be accurate? Should I even worry about pregnancy?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A lighter period is not unusual in a person who has been on birth control earlier. Als o since the pregnancy tests have been negative there is not much to think about. It is the ideal time to test for pregnancy now, you can go ahead and the tests will be reliable. Also, get a beta hCG blood test to rule out pregnancy which is more specific and reliable than a urine test for pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards