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Hello i was prescribed Avamys 275 (fluticasone furoate) (inhaled steroids)

Patient: Hello i was prescribed Avamys 27.5 (fluticasone furoate) (inhaled steroids) for an allergic reaction to DUST MITESi was told to take it for two months, after a month or so i started to fall ill after within two weeks i was constantly at the hospital feeling weak one day with a virus the second and so wasn’t until the end of the second month i woke up one night with a pounding heart ,tight chest and severe depression i have never experienced in my whole life , i went back to sleep and woke up next morning with depression where i would sit and cry for a good half an hour ..i googled my medicine and realised it was steroids and straight away threw it awayand called a couple of doctors saying i was constantly sick they told me this type of inhaler makes your immune system really low so your most likely to get ill..after i stopped using the steroids my immune system got better as well as depression .. ( i have stopped the steroids 5 weeks ago from today)but the depression has stuck to me .. i have negative thoughts and feelings i have lost the thrill in life and is constantly bored and hate everything i once loved.i am fine and i don’t have any physiological disorders and i have never been depressed in my lifewhat i want to know is what I’m feeling from the steroids? is it still in my system especially that I’ve been using it for 2 months if so when will it leave? why am i feeling this way i have no troubles in my life?my doctor who prescribed the medicine denied everything i felt and said it was a small dosage but i know exactly what i felt and read a lot of side effects online of people complaining with depression .



Symptoms: Depression ,anxiety , weak



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of Avamys 27.5 (fluticasone furoate) (inhaled steroids) f or an allergic reaction to dust mites, development of depression after using 1 month, pounding heart, tight chest – low resistance – viral affection – Doctors said that this was due to steroids in the spray. you stopped using the steroids -Your Queries:what I want to know is what I’m feeling from the steroids?>Certainly not, as the dose of steroid provided in the spray is in very low it still in my system especially that I’ve been using it for 2 months if so when will it leave?> You have stopped this 5 weeks ago and hence it is not in your system, washed off a long time ago.why am I feeling this way I have no troubles in my life?> Only you and Psychiatrist can tell the reason; the life is full of such reasons.You Doctor who has prescribed you this is rightI hope this answers your query,please feel free to ask for further query if you need to or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

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Patient: if what im feeling is not from steroids then why was i constantly ill with a low immune system?
i dont need a psychiatrist i only felt this way with the medicine
i dont think you spent much time answering my question to be honest

Doctor: With the available information that you have provided, I think the cause of illness would have been viral infection. The viral/flu have different character every time one gets it. Once you get such infections, it reduces the immunity very low and at the same time can affect the psycho-somatic factors.
It is possible that your quitting steroid nasal spray and getting improvement was coincidental.
The dose of Fluticasone in the spray is:
Each spray delivers a fine mist containing **27.5 µg of fluticasone furoate in 50 µL of formulation, this is a minor dose that can not really cause any systemic side effects.
Hence the most probable reason is affection by a virus.
Other reasons can be Hypothyroidism.
Please get thyroid function test done as well as other routines like CBC.
Some deficiencies of vitamins, trace elements and minerals too can cause such a problem, hence it is advisable to start and continue taking anti-oxidants like multivitamins and minerals.
On the reverse way- low immunity and affection of the body itself will have negative impact on psychological part- like you had depression.
How is your health at the moment?
Do have any active problems at the moment?
Please feel free to communicate and ask relevant questions. I shall be happy to assist you more.


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