Hello, I was supposed to have my period 10 days

Patient: Hello, I was supposed to have my period 10 days ago and still, nothing. . My last period started Jan 20 and ended on 26. Had sex, using the withdrawal method, on jan 17 & 31 & feb 22. If I am late I never go past two days so I never really notice it but this time is different..I normally don’t take naps during the day but have been this past week. Also, I have been having spurts of cramps here and there in my pelvic area. I am really moody and emotional and stressed. I took a hpt yesterday and it was negative. Just wondering what are the chances that I am pregnant?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Little bit of irregularity in periods can occur due to many causes.Stress and strain, changes in daily activities etc can affect the menstruation.Sometimes pre-ejaculate fluid can contain few spermatozoa, so there is some possibility of pregnancy in your case.Just by symptoms we cannot decide the possibility of pregnancy.To come to a conclusion you can go for either blood test for pregnancy or ultrasound which can give more accurate results compared with a urine test for pregnancy.Hope this helps.Take care.