Hello, I would like to marry a girl, but my

Patient: Hello, I would like to marry a girl, but my father refuses because of the genetic diseases in her family, where the mother is fat and has high blood pressure, diabetes, and her grandmother was the same before her death. Her sister is fat but she not. Is this a justification not to marry her so the diseases don’t go to our children in future ?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryIt seems like your father is not being reasonable.Diabetes, obesity and blood pressure that is high are very common in this era and are found in more than half of the population. With good diet control and lifestyle modifications like exercise, healthy diet and medications if needed, the disease can be well controlled. They can be genetically inherited, but that does not mean that your children will be disease free if you marry someone else without these features.Kindly make your dad understand that she has the risk factor and that can easily be controlled and it should not create any problem in marrying her.All the best for the future with her.Hope this helped.Regards