Hello, If anyone could put my mind at ease it would

Patient: Hello,If anyone could put my mind at ease it would be SO greatly appreciated. I am a 13 year old male. And I also have a tendency to jump to the worst possible conclusions. Recently I have began feeling a different texture in the ridges of my hard palate. It is almost like the ridges are getting deeper. I believe I had oral cancer at first but after reading more about it and realizing the rare tendency in children my mind has calmed down.Can anyone help me out with thisThanks

Symptoms: Hard palate irritation

Doctor: Hi.This is very natural for many to think of the worst and this is deep in the nature.Nothing else has to be chan ged, nothing else can be changed.you have to change yourself.You are just 13 years and is the age to have fun, study, play and be joyous, there is all the life ahead full of tensions and worries.This is very important to realize now otherwise there will be always one subject to worry about.I hope this helps you, please read carefully and if this still does not help consult a counselor.