Hello im 11 weeks pregnant I had scan last Friday and there was no heart beat of the baby

Patient: Hello im 11 weeks pregnent. I had scan last friday. The scanner said is no heart beat of the baby. As I did not have bleeding and painiI said no I wait one week more and see if u can see the baby heart beat. I really get sad. I shocked and cried a lot . After one day I got brown blood and little. Brown discharge and little pain what do u think is this misscarage I still have hope and thinking my baby is alive. Is there any case that if first they say no heart beat and when they check after a week and say yes we can see baby,s heart beat plz answer my question thanks

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.At 11 weeks, we generally expect the baby’s heart beat and quite a good development of body to have happened. Generally by 6 to 7 weeks we find the heart beat normally. In a scan of 11 weeks, if we do not find, then there could be 2 possibilities. Either, the dates of the cycle are not clear and there is a lag of 5 weeks from the dates or the fetus has not grown enough for the gestational age. Hence, we wait for one more week to give a benefit of a doubt and re-check the same. In case there is no heart beat in the next scan as well, then it is a miscarriage. Having brown discharge also points towards a trend to miscarriage.In case there was a discrepancy in the dates, then a heart beat can be found.Keep your hopes high.Wish you good luckRegards