Hello, I’m 17 years old and I went to the

Patient: Hello, I’m 17 years old and I went to the doctor on Friday and he told me that I have tonsillitis and strep. He prescribed me with 500mg of cephalexin, three pills a day. These past two days are the only two nights that I’ve slept through the night, but I still have difficultly breathing. I did throw up once on Saturday. My tonsils are extremely large, practically touching to the point where I cannot eat, drink, swallow, breathe, and I talk like I have cotton balls in my mouth. My tonsils yesterday were very large and covered in white. Today, they aren’t as red but more white. What is the process of recovery? Am I getting better or still getting worse? I’m just extremely scared because I do theatre and I’m the lead of my show that opens next Thursday and my directors are very worried. Please help!

Hello, I'm 17 years old and...-1

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query and elucidate history and clear picture.This is a case of severe tonsillitis and you may need more than Cephalexin.Take Advil thrice daily, do antiseptic gargles, take plenty of oral fluids as you may go into dehydration very fast.Throwing up is usually a reflex mechanism in such bad throat.I hope the blood is sent for CBC and all tests, and throat swab taken for gram staining, culture and sensitivity. This will help in future.If you have chronic problem, you may please get the tonsils removed after 6 weeks of continuous treatment as you do theater and may be the recurrent attacks can cause a problem in your profession.Hope this helps you.