Hello, I’m 18 year old girl, I experienced some things

Patient: Hello, I’m 18 year old girl, I experienced some things. 2 months ago me & my be were sexually active. We didn’t use condoms and I’m not on any medication. Last month I received my period & it ended about a week ago, & just yesterday I started bleeding again, I’m not sure if it’s my period. It’s not like how my period is usually. & idk what it is? Could the chances be that I miscarriage or a cervical cancer? I’ve also been experiencing sharp pains & stomach problems… I need help

Symptoms: Bad cramps & stomach problems

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Intermenstrual spotting can be seen due to causes like duri ng ovulation or in other days due to gonadal hormonal imbalance, pelvic inflammatory disease presenting with cervical erosion, polyps, post coital bleeding, in case of pregnancy implantation bleeding, miscarriage etc.If the spotting persists or repeats better to consult gynecologist once and get examined.By examination causes like post-coital tear, cervical erosion can be ruled out.Pap smear test helps in ruling out cervical changes.If your doctor recommends go for ultrasound, gonadal hormonal profile etc.Ultrasound will help in ruling out the possibility of pregnancy and also any endometrial abnormality.Hormonal profile helps in finding out hormonal imbalance.Then with your doctor’s advice you can take treatment according to the cause of your problem.Take care