Hello I’M 27 yr old male and suspect that I have Klinfelters

Patient: Hello. I’M 27 yr old male and suspect that I have Kinefelters syndrome. I’m a little chubby now but back when I was below 10% body fat and working out daily with a diet I still had larger cone shaped nipples and love handles. Now all my fat goes to my love handles and I’ve always had some cellulite in my buttocks area too with a large butt. Penis size erected is 5 inches and my T lvls now are normal.In the case i did have it.. is there any way to fix the body shape issue this late in life?Thanks a lot !

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.There may be a possible treatment using hormonal injections. To get these injections, yo u need to see a Doctor. Do talk in detail about the issues you facing. Each issue will have to dealt with individually.I hope this helps you. All the best.