Hello im 29 years old I had my hormone check

Patient: Hello im 29 years old I had my hormone check on 06/23/2015.. I don’t understand the results… my first day of my period was on 05/31/2015 and im usual 29days… my results were.. estradiol : 232… progesterone: 6.1.. testosterone:22 can you please let me know if it is out of range..im having a lot of anxiety.. depress.. tired.. acne.. mood swing..etc

Symptoms: Anxiety,depression, never had acne not having a lot.. mood swing.. abdominal pain.. bleeding a lot…water retention

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood that you are 29 years old and have Anxiety,depression,acne .. mood s wing.. abdominal pain.. bleeding a lot…water retention..All these look due to hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety.The reports you have provided are very variable and change as per the day of your hormonal cycle.You have got your hormones checked 6 days prior to the expected period.I would advise you to sit up with you Gynecologist as the reports, day of period and the clinical evaluation have to be correlated to each other.Hope this helps you.