Hello I’m a 17 year old male weighing about 105

Patient: Hello. I’m a 17 year old male weighing about 105 pounds and have had a dull, sometimes stabbing sometimes knawing pain in my upper left abdomen for almost a year. The center of my abdomen doesn’t bring any pain to me unless I press on it but when I press on it, I feel pain more in my chest than in the actual abdomen. I have 2 swollen lymph nodes on my neck, 2 under my jaw and two around my groin. I had white stool at one point in the year but it was at the beginning and has went away. I only had that maybe 2 times. Now I wouldn’t say I’m constipated because I usually go to the bathroom everyday but my stool is always like pellets instead of full stools. The left side of my ribs sometimes seems to stick out a little farther than the right side. I also feel like I constantly have a lot of mucus in my throat. The pain in my abdomen sometimes is hardly noticeable but other times is very painful. Can someone help me?

Symptoms: Abdominal pain, swollen lymph nodes, somewhat constipated

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD, Thank you for the query.Possible causes for pain in your case include:Left lower lobe pneu monia or pleurisy.Gastric ulcer, gastritis.Inflammatory bowel disease.Irritable bowel syndrome.Constipation.Localised musculoskeletal pain.Hodgkin lymphoma.I would like to give you a brief about Hodgkin lymphoma;Hodgkin lymphoma starts in the lymph nodes of the neck and spreads in an orderly fashion from the neck area down to the rest of the body. Its symptoms can include:Enlarged lymph node in your neck, shoulder or chest (most common symptom)Enlarged liver or pain on the upper left side of your abdomenYou have mentioned that you feel left sided ribs stick out farther than right,this means there is something that should be investigated thoroughly.For now, increase your fluid and fiber intake to get rid of constipation and do consult a physician for complete evaluation.Hope this helps. Take care.