Hello im pregnant Well its not confirmed. Should i see a gynecologist?

Patient: Hello.. my name is karen and im pregnant. Well its not confirmed but ive had sexual intercourse multiple times without protection and should be by this point. Anywho im having vaginal bleeding amd its extrememly irregular and painful. And i know its not my menstrual because im not due to get it for another three weeks. Should i be concerned ? should i see a gynocologist ?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Though according to your history there is a possibility of mi scarriage. However, confirmation is needed to come to one conclusion.So, it is better to go for urine pregnancy test to find out the possibility of pregnancy.If the test gives a positive result, please do consult your Doctor, get examined and go for an ultrasound to find out the possibility of miscarriage and to confirm the complete evacuation of products of conception.Then, according to the findings you can go for further management.Take care.