Hello, I’m really scared I’m pregnant, I had a period but it stopped when i drank.

Patient: Hello, I’m really scared I’m pregnant, I had a period but it kind of stopped after I was drinking for a night and when it properly stopped 7 days later I had sex for the first time and it was unprotected, the next day I had a morning after pill but I drunk 5 hours later and did some drugs, six days later (when I would ovulate if I had a perfect cycle) I had some white milky discharge and now I’m spotting (the blood is quite red) could I be pregnant?? Please help me

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have already taken an emergency contraceptive a week back after an unprotected intercourse, then the bleed you are experiencing is likely to be a withdrawal bleed. But as it is coinciding with your ovulation time and there is mucous discharge as well, it so suggested that you should take up a blood serum beta hCG test at this stage after 7 days of unprotected sex, to confirm or rule out pregnancy. This test is sensitive as early as 7 days post sex. If the test is positive with high hCG levels, you are pregnant and the bleed is a implantation bleed and not a withdrawal. But if the test is negative, then it is definitely a withdrawal bleed following morning after pill.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health.Regards