Hello, I’m sorry for a slightly strange enquiry Few days

Patient: Hello,I’m sorry for a slightly strange enquiry. Few days ago i noticed some tender lumps under the chin, few of which felt really hard and i kept pressing and poking, and even pressed it with my nail a few times just to “check” if it’s a bony tumour or something. I can now see some swelling. Saw gp today who said not to worry and stop touching them. However, now i am very worried about the fact that i poked them hard with my nail and that i caused damage and that it may lead to lymphedema. Are there any tests to show whether i have damaged the nodes? Going out of my mind with axietyKind Regards,Justine

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.Lymph nodes don’t get damaged by pricking. However, you should avoid this as this c an precipitate infection. Your Swollen lymph nodes require evaluation. The common causes of Lymphadenopathy are Reactive Lymphadenitis, Tuberculosis, Lymphoma, Ebstein Barr Virus Infection.In case, you just have a short duration lymphadenopathy and that too small, your doctor might treat you initially with a short course of antibiotics.Weight loss, fever, cough of long duration associated with such mass in the neck can point towards tuberculosis, lymphoma. If you had any preceding fever, sore throat this can be Reactive Lymphadenitis. However, they need to be co-related clinically before FNAC/Biopsy is performed. FNAC is indicated in case your nodes don’t disappear after a few days of antibiotic therapy.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy