Hello I’m very early in my pregnancy 3-4 weeks I’m experiencing terrible

Patient: Hello..I’m very early in my pregnancy 3-4 weeksI’m experiencing terrible cramps in my midsection that are extending now to my groin and pass to my rectumI feel like I have to pass wind or poo but can’tWhen I sit it’s painful and when I go to the bathroom I see bloodI head ultra and vaginal ultrasound two days ago but they found nothing not even a sack and my hormones level was 4000 which is low.. Is it possible they missed a fibroid and is it just too early to see my baby or is something wrong

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.With a serum beta hcg of 4000 it is likely that we visualize a sac if it is an intra uteri ne pregnancy. If there is nothing in scan and you have pain and cramps, we will have to closely look for a pregnancy outside the uterus called ectopic pregnancy. It can happen in the tubes, ovaries and even cervical canal at times. Bleeding is also possible in an ectopic pregnancy.The other cause could be a chemical.pregnancy or a spontaneous abortion. Kindly repeat a beta hcg test after 48hours. If there is no call and remains same or increases please see a gynecologist personally for a scan again to rule out ectopic pregnancy which becomes an emergency to treat. It may need medical or surgical treatment.Hope this helpsRegards