Hello in 2007 I went to a doctors in Germany

Patient: Hello in 2007 I went to a doctors in Germany (while I lived there) as I have a lump on my testicle. They told me it’s an epididymis sist they done an Ultra sound but that’s all. Since then I have been having pains so went in to a doctor who saw the previous notes written about the sist and said we could remove it but it may lower your chance of children. Last night in the bath I felt it and it is now really hard and a little larger in size and beside it on the testicle I can feel a rough texture ?? What tests can be done for testicular cancer and what should I do as if I go back they will just read the medical notes and automatically think it’s a sist and not do any tests??




Doctor: Thank you for writing to usIf the swelling increases in size suddenly, the diagnosis changes. If you explain the his tory well, the Doctor will be sure to run tests. You can pick up tumours with an ultrasound and a biopsy. This is at the discretion of the Doctor since you may have a blood filled swelling which should not be punctured at any cost. Wishing you the best.Hope this helps you.

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