Hello, It seems i have sciatica and had IT band syndrome,

Patient: Hello,It seems i have sciatica and had IT band syndrome, but now am recovering from it band and taking B12 for sciatica, but now when i.walk i get tingling on the on the same.area as IT band, does it mean that IT band is still irritated or the nerve make that tingling?Please help, i want to run ASAP.THANKS !!

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You say that you have ITBS and sciatica. I think that you may have vitamin deficiency re lated nerve supply deficiency. Taking B12 and folate will help you reduce the tingling sensation.Sciatica or the severe pain in the legs and back can cause a tingling sensation. This occurs because of the compression of the nerve when it is leaving the spine. Here are the few things you can try for Sciatica:Stretch the legsUse Paracetamol to reduce the swellingHeat the area locally to reduce the swelling and painI also recommend that you take an injection of B12 and folic acid to help you. Hope this works for you. All the best.