Hello, I’ve been diagnosed with a vaginal bacterial infectio

Patient: Hello, I’ve been diagnosed with a vaginal bacterial infection. I was prescribed an anti-biotic that did not help. I have now left the infection untreated because my lack of time to go to my Gynocologist. I now have a bacterial lung infection and was prescribed amoxicillin by my doctor. My question is, will this antibiotic (amoxicillin) have any harmful effects on the future treatment of my vaginal bacterial infection? When I recieve treatment again for my vaginial bacterial infection will my body become accustomed to the treatment and not kill the bacteria?

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood that you are suffering from Bacterial vaginal infection. First of all the antibiotics did not work, secondly you could not get time to visit the Gynecologist.You are on Amoxicillin for lung infection, in fact this may help your vaginal infection and more so if you take this along with Metronidazole, probiotics and Multi-vitamins.Do not worry about body getting accustomed, it happens only for that particular group of antibiotic.Hope this helps you.