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Hello, I’ve been experiencing alot of burning and itching

Patient: Hello, I’ve been experiencing alot of burning and itching in my vaginal area. And now I have bumps in different areas. I haven’t had sexual contact with anyone, and I’m really worried what it could be. I have no discharge or smelly odor.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care. I can understand your concerns.Vaginal itching and burning c an be due to fungal, bacterial infection, shaving, allergy to some cosmetics, perfume soap and sanitary napkinand hormonal changes.To rule out the cause we should do a vaginal swab culture and sensitivity and give treatment accordingly.In your case as you are not sexually active than chances of std and other infection are not there.( some infection can occurred without sexual contact).You can apply candid cream on it.You can use cetrizine for itching after doctor consultation.Use clotrimazole vaginal tablet for 7 days.Maintain a good vaginal hygiene, drink a lot of water, use V- wash, do not douche, wear loose-fitting cotton undergarments, avoid use of perfumes soap and wash.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more questions.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: Thanks were you able to see the picture I sent that it asked for. ?

Doctor: Hi,
You are most welcome.
Sorry but I am not able to see the pictures.

Patient: Okay. Could the cream monistat help with my situation.? And if I keep up with some of the explains you’ve given me would I see improvements with my situation?

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry the delay for in my response.
I am unable to see your pictures.
Yes, you can use monistat instead of candid it is also an antifungal cream.
Yes if you follow the above mentioned treatment and advice, your symptoms get resolve but sometimes they may reoccur further.
I have one query are those bumps developed after shaving?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Patient: Yes, last Tuesday I’ve shaved with baby oil and the next day in the afternoon I was burning and itching. the following Monday the bumps appeared, they are white and I have two by my vaginal opening that are hard.

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry for the long delay in my response.
If these bumps appear after shaving it is most probably a infection of hair ( called pseudofolliculitis).
It is due to infection, so the treatment we discuss before is useful in this case.
It is resolve in 10 days.
So continue the treatment and if you have any questions please let me know about it.
Hope it is useful.
Good luck.


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