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Hello I’ve got some concerns I was sexually active last

Patient: Hello I’ve got some concerns. I was sexually active last week and I did use protection. I got red lesions underneath the head of my penis in two spots on was bigger than the other. There were no scabing or pussing going on and it’s almost healed completely after 4 days. I’m wondering what it could be. Please help.



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.You developed red lesions underneath t he head of the penis, following intercourse last week.Now, such lesions or sores are common in a genitally acquired herpes infection. However, you used protection, so the chances of developing any STD for that matter is low.Since there was no pus, bacterial infection can be ruled out.Sometimes, such spots can also appear due to a lot of friction or an allergic response.Since, it has completely healed, you should not worry as of now.If it recurs in the near future, you need to get yourself tested for HSV-2 infection, for both IgM and IgG antibodies. Herpes 2 is the only STD that can be spread even with a condom, as the sores can be present in multiple other areas such as thighs or groin, coming in contact with the skin of the uninfected partner.So this leaves a slight chance of acquiring the infection from the infected partner.You can apply Mupirocin ointment on the lesions after discussing with your physician.Hope this was helpful,Regards.



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Patient: I did not use protection…. Can I send a picture. How do I do that?? Email address?

Doctor: Hello,
In that case, you could have acquired herpes.
Yes, you can send a picture. You can upload it here.
I will review and get back,


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