Hello, I’ve had a neck problem

Patient: Hello, I’ve had a neck problem for a while now. My neck it’s not in the right position. If I touch my neck, I can feel my spine going the wrong direction. This problem brings me a lot of headaches. I’ve gone to 4 chiropractors, and with all these chiropractors I have learned one thing: Chiropractors are fakes that don’t do anything but empty your wallets. The reason I tell you this is because I don’t want anybody to recommend me to go to a Chiropractor. I still have the same neck and headache problems after a year. What can I do about this?

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.You seem to be suffering from Acute Muscular pain.I would advise you to get a X-r ay Cervical spine to rule out any disc prolapse.For acute muscular pain i advise following:1. A combination of pain killer and muscle relaxant containing Diclofenac and Thiocholchiside.2. To do hot fomentation of the affected area.3. To apply Diclofenac ointment locally.4. To get physiotherapy done particularly Ultrasonic heat massage.Your pain would start getting better in 5 days.If any disc prolapse is found you would be treated with a combination of Pregabalin and Methycobalamine.Share my opinion with your doctor before you act upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy