Hello, Last Saturday (5/30)I drank a lot of whiskey and bec

Patient: Hello,Last Saturday (5/30)I drank a lot of whiskey and become very intoxicated. I threw up once and then passed out. The next morning i got up and threw up and throughout the day i did not eat anything and threw up several more times. Sunday I stopped throwing up but i have still felt nauseous and nearly thrown up this entire week. It has slowly gotten better but I still get nauseous when im driving, moving around a lot or if i eat a big meal. Ive been drinking a lot of water, been to the sauna to try and sweat it out but nothing seems to be working. It is now Tuesday (6/8)of the next week and i am really getting worried that something might be wrong with me.

Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We understand your concern.Such pain is mostly due to acute gastritis or alcohol induced pancreatitis.Because you have consumed excessive alcohol the possibility of pancreatitis is high.So, for evaluation of pancreatitis you should get an Ultrasound Abdomen.If your Ultrasound is normal, you would require treatment for Acid reflux.In acid reflux disease a combination of Omeprazole and Domperidone helps greatly.You should take soft, bland diet as spicy food aggravates acidity. In case of acute pain you can take anti-flatulent syrup like Digene or Gelusil.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy