Hello Medical Professionals, This post is in regard to a

Patient: Hello Medical Professionals,This post is in regard to a male friend of mine, let’s call him Bob. I am a Biology student and have studied a lot about STDs, but I have no idea what this could be. About 8 months ago he had sex with someone and the condom broke. 2-3 weeks later he developed a small rash on the tip of his penis, and it is isolated to this area. The rash looks a little scaly but is not rough and does not flake. They are very very tiny bumps in a cluster around the head that do not look like genital warts. After two weeks, it will go away for about a day or two and then come back. It does not itch, hurt, or burn. There is no and has never been any discharge. The rash is completely dry, similar to the normal texture of the penis. There are no open sores. The bumps do not appear to be fluid filled or have any pus. At its worst, the rash can turn reddish. He grew up very conservative and did not know much about STDs. He assumed since it was CONTINUOUSLY coming back that it is herpes, but he was too scared to get tested.Previously, I had a sexual partner that had something that looked very similar to this. When he got tested, it turned out to be a yeast infection. I thought this could be what Bob has as well, except he has not had sex since he developed the rash. Can an untreated yeast infection in men continuously come back even if he has not had sex since it first appeared?Bob is a runner and wears compression shorts almost every day all day. My thought was that perhaps it could merely be a skin irritation.He does not have health insurance and is saving up to get tested soon. I know he will not have a definitive answer until the test results come back, but any thoughts as to what this most likely is would be much appreciated. MOST importantly, we would like to know if this sounds like it could be herpes.Thank you for your time and assistance on this matter.

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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI appreciate your deep interest in this topic considering you’re a biology student.Yes, it does sound more like a yeast infection, and it can recur without any kind of intercourse.He should use Clotrimazole ointment twice daily for 2 weeks.However, I am not ruling out Herpes just as yet, as it can present in a similar fashion, but it is more inclined towards an yeast infection.Hope this was helpful,Regards