Hello my boyfriend and I had some dry sex 3 weeks ago.

Patient: Hello.my boyfriend and I had some dry sex 3 weeks ago. As far as I know, I am still virgin if the masturbation has not affected it. It was our first time and i was so shy. so he understood me and did not take of my jeans and underwear. He took off his jeans but did not take off his underwear. we put our genitals on each others’ and tried to get them in touch. I got so wet so my jeans got a little we too. We continued doing this until my boyfriend ejaculated on his underwear. Now the question is that is there any chance that I got pregnant since both of the genitals were in touch through cloth and my jeans got a litthle wet because my vegina fluid?This week is my period time and I am still not. I am super nervous. Could you please help me?

Symptoms: NA

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is absolutely no need to worry in terms of a possible pregnancy if you have not re moved your undergarments. It will not cause pregnancy. Pregnancy can naturally happen only if the girl is during the fertile period of the cycle and there is unprotected intercourse with the penis inserted into the vagina and followed by ejaculation inside the vagina.Relax and feel free now. Wait for your cycle , it may have got delayed due to stress.Hope this helps.Regards