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Hello My girlfriend did tonsil surgery to remove her

Patient: Hello My girlfriend did tonsil surgery to remove her tonsils in January of 2014. she fairly recovered until last fall 2014. the pain in her neck area is gone. But she constantly having recurring fevers. one week she is fairly well and another week she feels ill. she is seeing this Chinese doctor and taking this medicine but it seems not making it better.



Symptoms: Every other week she seems to get recurring fevers. her visits to a Chinese doctor and taking some medicine is not making her better. she has been sick for 2 years. she become ill before tonsil surgery



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Understood that your girlfriend did tonsil surgery in January 2014 and recovered until fall 2014.The major issue is that she is recurrently sick for ”2 years”, one week she is fine another week she is sick.Now taking Medicines from Chinese Doctor without any relief.This means that She has to be seen by a Specialist in Internal Medicine for:-Clinical evaluation , detailed Physical examination and investigations .This alone can get her the proper diagnosis.And as you know only a proper diagnosis can give the best possible treatment.And it looks that for the last 2 years the proper diagnosis was not done.If you can provide me the detailed history as to how all this started, detailed symptoms, and the reports of the investigations, I will be in a better position to help you to get to the diagnosis and proper treatment.There has to be a reason, we have to find and treat and she will be alright.Please provide the details.

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Patient: in the fall of 2012 she became ill. in 2013 she told me she had to get her tonsils removed. she had the surgery in January 2014. today i was supposed to see her but she is feeling ill. i text her saying that that she should do a test on her immune system to see why she constantly have recurring fevers.

Doctor: Please send me the detailed history.
And send her the information I gave you.
Thanks you .

Patient: in the fall of 2012 she become ill. in 2013 she was told she needed tonsil surgery which she did in January 2014, her neck area and the back of the mouth is now healed since the fall of 2014. since the fall of 2014 she has been having recurring fevers.

Doctor: Please ask her to show to an Internal Medicine Specialist, undergo all the tests asked for to get a proper diagnosis so that a proper treatment will cure her.

Patient: Ok i will copy and paste this in a word document and give it to her

Doctor: Great !
Please do this and ask her to strictly get this done as asked for.


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