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Hello, my mom (age 54) is recently diagnosed with heart

Patient: Hello, my mom (age 54) is recently diagnosed with heart condition with plaque build up at three locations. One on left side and two on right side of her heart with 50%, 45% and 40% of plaque build up. My mom got two different opinions from two different Cardiac Surgeons. One Surgeon suggested for Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery while the other Surgeon suggested for Open Heart Bypass Surgery. Is there any reason why a Cardiac Surgeon would prefer Open Heart Bypass Surgery over Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery? Can someone please explain. I am really confused what to do. I am worried about recovery time and pain that comes with Open Heart Bypass Surgery. Thank you.



Symptoms: Breathing difficulty, tiredness.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query.Read the history and understood your concerns about your Mother.Both the Surgeons g iving different approaches indicate their mastery in their respective fields.The reasons for open cardiac bypass surgery being proposed by one surgeon may be due to the following reasons:- This is an old established method with which every Cardio-thoracic Surgeon is conversant with.- Three different locations to be tackled which will be easy with open approach.- Ease, with which Surgery is done.- No need for special and costly instrumentation set up.The Minimally Invasive by pass surgery can be done only by the Surgeon who is specially trained in the procedure, has to have sufficient experience, technical mastery and ease to do all the three at one sitting.I hope this answers your query.

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Patient: Thanks for the reply. The only thing is when I see the profile of the second surgeon he is also an expert in Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery and he had done more surgeries than the first surgeon. So my question is, Is the quality of Bypass Surgery is better with Open Heart approach than Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery? Can there be a particular case where a well experienced Surgeon who can perform Bypass Surgery in both ways prefer Open Heart over Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery? My mom had plaque on left side of her heart. Is it possible to remove this plaque with Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery? Someone please let me know. Thank you.

Doctor: Minimally invasive surgery has least pain , early mobilization, so less post-op complications, and surely the Surgeon will conduct he minimally invasive only then he will conduct and as I suppose, it can be converted to open if required. So do not worry about the position of the plaques, it can be done by both the approaches.


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