Hello ! Please help me January 26-31 I had my period heavy.

Patient: Hello ! Please help me. January 26-31 I had my period and it was very heavy, now I am irregular I barely see my period, on the 3rd which was Tuesday of last week I got blood work done to get my tonsils removed in two weeks, today I got a call saying they had to cancel because my lab work came back and it showed that my HcG level was 123 and I was pregnant. So I went to my doctor and right away he sent me to get a Vaginal Sonogram because I am still spotting but nothing heavy. When they did the sonogram they didn’t find anything in my tubes or uterus they said everything looked okay and that I probably had a miscarriage or its too early to see anything so it’s 50/50 . When I got home I decided to take a pregnancy test being that the blood work is from last Tuesday , I figures if it has gone up it might show and it came out positive right away! Tomorrow I have a blood work exam to see if my HcG level has gone up. Can I still be pregnant even if they didn’t see anything today ? Also that was a test from a week ago ( the blood test )

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since the pregnancy test has been positive, on repeated testing, it is possible that you are pregnant. Sometimes, it is too early for a pregnancy to be picked up by an ultrasound, we generally wait for 6 weeks to establish a positive confirmation and visualize an intrauterine pregnancy, till then we check the beta hCG levels , and an increasing tire indicates a positive pregnancy.If there is a plateau or increase with no sac in the uterus even at 6 weeks, then ectopic pregnancy must be ruled out. A decreasing tire may indicate a miscarriage. Get.Get the test done tomorrow and act accordingly.Do not worry.Regards,