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Hello, Recently did blood tests and have all normal except

Patient: Hello,Recently did blood tests and have all normal except the concentration of mean corpuscular hemoglobin (CHCM) I have above normal. Normal would be 35.5 and I have 36.6.Hemoglobin despite being within the normal range in this limit, the normal maximum is 17 and I have 16.8, (i think is too high)I would like to know your opinion on these parameters and what can I do to reduce these values.I am a young man of 22 years, active. I do gym (weight training) about 4 times a week and sometimes i play general just like to know if these values are dangerous for my health or are acceptable and has no risk for me.Thank you in advance for answer.



Symptoms: I don’t have any symptoms, but i suffer from generalized anxiety.



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I have read your query in detail and shortly i will try to answer your query.The mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) is the average mass of hemoglobin per red blood cell in a sample of blood.Your MCH is slightly raised and your hemoglobin is just on the higher side but with in normal limits. High MCH levels can indicate presence of Vitamin B12 deficiency or Folate deficiency.However, we don’t suspect that at this level of yours. Still if you are worried you may request your doctor to get your Vitamin B12 and Folate levels done.Now, as far as the hemoglobin on the higher side is concerned, that can be found normally. The pathogenic causes of such a high hemoglobin are Smoking, People living at high altitudes.So, in case you smoke, you have to quit that.I don’t find any reasons to get investigated further. There is a condition called Polycythemia Vera in which there is high hemoglobin but is most of the times associated with raised platelets and White blood cells. You have not mentioned the values, but if they are also raised, then you would require bone marrow examination to rule out Polycythemia Vera otherwise, there is no suspicion of Polycythemia Vera.So, in my opinion your parameters are with in normal range only and you just need to exercise right and quit smoking in case you do.I hope you find the information helpful.Share my opinion with your doctor.Still, if you have any further query, feel comfortable to ask me.Stay healthy.

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Patient: Thanks for the answer.
I do not smoke. And not live in high altitude location.
My platelets are 319 being the normal range 150-400.
And the white cells are all within the normal parameter settings.
My doctor said to repeat the analysis within two months because I when I did these analyzes i slept very little at night (only 2hours) and this may have affected the analysis, (I do not know if it affects or not).
Furthermore I can also mention that in recent times before performing these analyzes my alimentation was not the best and was eating large amounts of protein, (again i do not know if it affects hemoglobin values or not).
And i can also mention that i work at night and sleep duing the day.
I suffer from anxiety and seeing these higher values “shakes me” and makes me more anxious, hence the fact that ask for your opinion.
You think there is cause for alarm or is it just a normal situation?
Thank you.

Doctor: Hi, sleep has got no relation with these lab values nor have high protein diet.
In fact, i would also advice you to get the complete hemogram repeated after 4-6 weeks and write back to us with the fresh report.
At present, there is nothing alarming that would require intervention.
Good Luck.

Patient: Thank you for the reply.
So, there’s no explanation for this values?

Doctor: Hi, I have explained you that. Just wait and get the test repeated.

Patient: and if the results are similar, what do I do?

Doctor: We will discuss accordingly. There is no point in panicking now for your future tests.
Take Care.

Patient: Hello,
As did two months, I redid the analysis and already hemoglobina values are normal 15.9 (being the reference values 13-18).
The hemoglobina globular concetrção average dropped to 35.8 (reference values 30.0 – 36.0).
However, the mean platelet volume value was 10.7 (the reference values 7.4 – 10.5).
The number of platelets was 289000 (150000-400000).
Should I worry about the value of the mean platelet volume?

Doctor: Hello, Kindly re post the query with the attached reports.


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