Hello Sir I’m Rakibul Alam from Bangladesh Actually the problem

Patient: Hello Sir. I’m Rakibul Alam from Bangladesh. Actually the problem is of my mom. She had a gallbladder operation about a year ago. Today, suddenly she vomite. And the color of vomit was green. She hadn’t had her breakfast. my question is what green color vomit symbolizes??? what should i do now? i would be grateful if you give me the answer. thank you

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood the history and concerns for your Mom, she had undergone gall bladder operation one year back. And now she had green vomiting.The green vomit symbolizes that the vomiting contains bile too.If there is a single vomiting, nothing to worry too much, this might have been due to some gastric upset and will settle with a tablet of a PPI, Domperidone and so on.If this continues, take her to the hospital to give injections of the said medicines and antacid.She may need Endoscopy of the problem becomes chronic daily affair.I hope this answers your query