Hello, so about 2 weeks ago I burnt my mouth

Patient: Hello, so about 2 weeks ago I burnt my mouth pretty bad and I still have a mark in he roof of my mouth. There is a small bump to the right that feels like a bead. Does this look like mouth cancer at all because I would think it would be healed by now. Also I believe my tongue is still healing but I heard the mouth heals fast. How come the roof is still red? Could it be an infection or cancer or anything? I don’t have any symptoms other than sometimes the roof of my mouth itches. Is it still healing or what could this be? Nothing hurts at all. The dentist told me to come back in 2 weeks so on June 11th she’s going to look at it again. The device used to find bad tissue in the mouth came up as dark for the red spot. So that has me worried about mouth cancer. I have never smoked but I used smokeless tobacco for about 3 years but I have quit. I am a 21 year old male. Also the roof of my mouth doesn’t have a weird texture other than the s bump. I noticed this spot after I got the burn.

Symptoms: Itchy roof of mouth

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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, clear picture and an elucidate history.In a nutshell:You are just 21 years old maleDe finite history of burnt mouth 2 weeks ago.Mark in the roof of the mouth – not ulcerated.All this is the positive finding of this not being a cancer- all the above points.Now your queries:* Does this look like mouth cancer > not at all, it does not looks like a cancer* The delay at this spot is only for one reason: the mucosa over this spot is stuck to the bone above (the hared palate), so the normal principles of healing do not apply to this area. There is no scope here for the nature contraction phenomenon as is seen anywhere else in mouth like for the cheek .* How come the roof is still red? > this is the area which will be constantly under friction of the tongue when you are not sleeping and the times you take anything orally.Constant friction gives redness in addition to the body’s own mechanism of healing.*Could it be an infection or cancer or anything? > No- as explained.* Is it still healing or what could this be? > This is a healing spot and nothing else.I hope this answers your query.

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Patient: Thank you very much that eases my mind a lot. Do you have an estimate on when you think it will be healed? Also on your opinion is smokeless tobacco really THAT bad for you I’ve read studies on it not being too harmful and smoking is way worse.

Doctor: The first question relates to the duration of healing > this is already healed, what you see is a sequel. Let is take its own time which varies from person to person, what you eat and drink, the temperature variations with each feed and drinking beverages. Amount of talking you need to do and so on…
I hope you would agree with me.
Second part> smokeless tobacco:
It is equally dangerous.
Please do not take this otherwise, my teacher used to teach us – one is like a craite and the other as a cobra (both are deadly snakes) > please tell me your opinion… about this sentence.