Hello so I have this bump on my face that

Patient: Hello so I have this bump on my face that was flat like the 2 bumps next to it and now it looks like a blister sort of thing when I touch it, it feels like sunburn. I am at the beach and had a hat and glasses on so I didn’t put sunscreen on but that part was exposed to the sun could it be part of sunburn? Also the 2 dots aren’t raised but they might be later?

Hello so I have this bump o...-1

Doctor: Hello.I have seen the attached photograph.It seems to be Paederus dermatitis to me from the image. It starts as a f lat rash which may later blister or get eroded.It is mostly associated with pain or itch or burning sensation. In such cases, I prefer to advise cream containing steroid and antibiotic in combination like the combination of Fucidin cream and betamethasone. Antihistaminics like levocetirizine also help in symptomatic relief.You should visit your doctor so that he can examine you and give you the prescription. You can share my opinion with him.I am sure that he would agree with this.Take care.